The first steakhouse in Nan

Since 2009 / 2552

We have moved 100 meters closer to town

Open 11:00 - 22:00

Wednesdays closed

GPS: N 18.78991° E 100.79037°


The calendar has all the information about all activities and

when we are closed so take a look at the calendar always

Garlic bread

40 Baht

Soup corn, mushroom or chicken

50 Baht

Baked potatoes with garlic butter

50 Baht

Mashed potatoes with garlic butter

50 Baht

Garlic bread with cheese

70 Baht

Croque monsieur 2 toast with cheese and ham

70 Baht

Baked eggs with ham

80 Baht

Baked spinach with cheese

90 Baht

Mushrooms baked cheese bread

90 Baht

Baked macaroni with cheese

120 Baht

Baked scallops with garlic

130 Baht

Baked mussels with cheese

130 Baht